About Kat Mac

“What I love most about art is the freedom to take colours create a spectacular individualised piece for a special space in someone’s life. It’s an absolute joy to bring colours to life on a blank page or canvas. I’ve loved creating bespoke artworks for many clients from all walks of life, with different styles in all sorts of different locations. I love to blend various techniques and styles. I’ve found my styles have varied depending my surroundings. During my time in Broken Hill, NSW Australia I met such a variety of incredibly creative and diverse people who have influenced my creative style and challenged my skills and techniques. Like so many other artists I feel in love with the rich colours of the outback. The depth of outback sunsets are so beautiful that words often can’t describe. I can see why so many artists are lured to the outback. It brings me so much joy to see a client fall in love with an artwork. After working in emergency services for over 15 years, art quickly became a

means to unwind and tune out from the craziness of the world around me.”

Kat McCulkin was raised in Sydney and at the age of 25 set off with her husband and headed out to the outback and rural NSW for over a decade. She has recently settled on the Central Coast of NSW where she now lives with her husband and three children.

Creating works using mixed media allows Kat freedom to move about in styles and techniques to create each art piece. With twenty years of creating bespoke, one-off individual pieces to many clients from working with cans of spray paint, oils, acrylics and alcohol inks.

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